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Organizing with Goodpick

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Storage. It’s something that I can never get enough of. Especially living in an older house. My husband works in the commercial storage industry, and it does give me some satisfaction that multi-million dollar companies also struggle with where to keep their stuff. Nevertheless, it’s always a struggle. And once we had kids, the stuff just multiplied.

Enter Goodpick. Their storage baskets and bins are a functional yet aesthetically pleasing solution to all the stuff laying around the house. Blankets, pillows, books, magazines, laundry, toys, stuffed animals, diapers, bags, plants—you name it. The neutral colors of their products go with just about anything, and the price just can’t be beat. I was gifted two of their products, the Large Tall Baby Laundry Basket Nursery Hamper and the XXXL Large Grey Cotton Rope Storage Basket, to try out. They are both made from natural cotton, which is something that is important to me. I’ve been striving to purchase home products that are made from natural materials. I tried out several uses for these baskets, and I know I’ll be purchasing more!

Living Room

Blankets always seem to be taking over our living room. I chose this color blocked basket to hold all the blankets and to bring out the colors in our rug. It’s beautiful! It fits perfectly with the décor of the room. Not only that, it can hold 5-6 fluffy blankets. I just love it.


The XXXL basket is just that –it’s HUGE! I threw all of our dirty towels in, and it was easy to carry to the laundry room. The neutral colors went well in both the bathroom and the bedroom. You could also use it to store clean towels next to the shower.


Believe me when I say we have a million Legos! I have struggled with Lego storage for a few years. You see all the pretty systems on Pinterest with Legos sorted by colors, but that isn’t practical when you have a five-year-old. The XXL basket held ALL the Legos and makes clean-up super easy. You just throw them all in when you’re done. Total lifesaver!

I hope this gave you some ideas for cute and practical storage solutions. Goodpick products can be purchased on Amazon and the Goodpick website.

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