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Amazon Favorites for Bathroom Organization

I sometimes go into super-organizing mode between Christmas and New Year. It feels good to start the new year uncluttered. (Take that with a grain of salt because life with kids is ALWAYS cluttered.) Nevertheless, if there are little spaces I can tackle, it feels good to do so! As I work on re-organizing my bathroom, I thought I'd share my favorite products from Amazon.

Acrylic Drawer Organizers

These give an elegant look to your bathroom drawer, especially if you have a pretty drawer liner underneath. You can see how I used extra wallpaper as a drawer liner, and I love how you can appreciate it with these organizers. They are also stackable for extra storage!

Bamboo Drawer Organizers

As an alternative, these bamboo drawer organizers are beautiful and great quality.

Cosmetic Drawer Organizer

This cosmetic organizer is currently on sale for a great price! I actually purchased a few for Lego storage, but its real purpose is for makeup.

Headband Organizer

If you're like me, you jumped on the (head)bandwagon when they came back in style. I had mine littered in a drawer until I found this! Now they're on display in my glass bathroom cabinet.

Hair Tie and Scrunchie Organizer

And in the same vein, I purchased these to organize my hair ties and scrunchies. This package comes with an acrylic tower for each!

Towel Baskets

I've previously reviewed Goodpick baskets, and they are great for a variety of storage. These are great for storing clean towels or tossing the dirty ones.

Bamboo Soap Dish

This technically isn't an organizational item, but I have raved about this bamboo soap dish for my facial soap. It just looks so pretty on my bathroom counter and is easy to clean!


Acrylic Drawer Organizers: Amazon*

Bamboo Drawer Organizer: Amazon*

Cosmetic Drawer Organizer: Amazon*

Headband Organizer: Amazon*

Hair Tie and Scrunchie Organizers: Amazon*

Towel Baskets: Amazon*

Bamboo Soap Dish: Amazon*

*Associate link

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