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Updated: Aug 13, 2022

It all started with the bunnies. Years ago, my mom gifted me several wooden bunnies that I'm sure she picked up on sale from Hobby Lobby. She's a pro at finding the best deals on holiday decor. I used them to dress up my table, and lo and behold, it became a tradition.

Each year, the table looks a little bit different. Some years, it's more rustic. Other years, more glam. But the bunnies are the mainstay.

This year, I was on a search for some glassware that would give the table a bright pop of color, and I was surprised to find these beautiful goblets and bowls from the Pioneer Woman line at Walmart. The price was right, but the quality is surprisingly great!

These corn husk carrots from Target were also a fun addition!

Whenever I can, I try to make my own floral arrangements. I just love the tulips and garden roses in this one!


Chargers: Amazon

Flatware: Amazon

Carrots: Target

Glass Bowls: Walmart

Goblets: Walmart

Plates: Southern Living for Dillard's

Bunnies: Hobby Lobby

Pitchers: Homegoods

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