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Updated: Aug 13, 2022

My parents still live in my childhood home, and their upstairs game room has seen a lot of life. From housing all of our toys as kids to becoming a media room in our high school years to seeing treadmills and stationary bikes in that first empty nest phase, this room has played many parts. After four grandkids in four years, my parents saw the need to transform the room once again. And can I just say how lucky these grandkids are?

This was definitely a speedy project. One day after Thanksgiving, my mom and I had the idea to surprise the grandkids with a new playroom for Christmas. Queue the frantic online shopping. There was a lot to do, but we managed to pull it off for the big reveal.

The color of the room was a deep purple plum color. I can’t even begin to tell you how many previous colors there had been (including a blood red paired with black leather couches—hey, it was the 90’s). We chose white with colorful decals to give it a fun and playful feeling.



My mom asked what I thought about a couch, and I immediately thought of the Nugget! At the time, Nuggets were hard to come by, and we entered their lottery in the hopes of snagging one before Christmas. Can you believe we actually won? The room would not have been complete without it!

Other highlights of the room are the craft table from Pottery Barn Kids, the art easel and supplies from Melissa and Doug and the puppet theater from Crate & Kids that can transform into a lemonade stand or general store.

My favorite part of all would have to be the reading corner. I was an avid reader as a child and I hope to pass it on to my kids. I probably take too much pleasure in changing out the books by season.


Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Snowbound Dot wall decals: Project Nursery

Alphabet wall decals: Project Nursery

Rug: Overstock

Melissa & Doug Art Easel: Amazon

Art supply holder: IKEA

"Look What We Made" sign: Etsy

Puppet Theatre/General Store: Crate & Kids

Book Shelves: Amazon

Storage Cubes: IKEA Pom Pom baskets: Bed Bath & Beyond

"Playroom Rules" Pillow: Amazon

"Be Happy" pillow cover: Amazon

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4 коментарі

Robert Jr Ford
Robert Jr Ford
04 жовт. 2023 р.

Hi everyone! This is Robert. I love it your color collection, This is good decorate for room


18 вер. 2022 р.

What color is this nugget?


21 січ. 2022 р.

This looks amazing! Love the polka dot wall!! Did you choose the small dots? And how many sets is this?

21 січ. 2022 р.
Коментар для:

Thank you so much! We used two sets of the small dots.

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