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One Room Challenge: Week One | Bedroom Makeover

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

I am excited to be returning for the One Room Challenge this year! Last year was my first time as a guest participant, and I chose to transform a closet into an office. I learned a lot of lessons, but had a good time along the way!

If you're unfamiliar with One Room Challenge, it's a biannual design event where 20 influencers are chosen as Featured Designers tasked with making over a space in eight weeks. Guests participants can join by linking their own room transformations. It's so much fun to follow long!


A bedroom should feel like your own private retreat and a reflection of your personal style, but mine is the most boring, neglected room in the house. When we did our renovation five years ago, I had planned to spruce it up, but never quite found the motivation nor the inspiration.

As part of our renovation, we installed new floors, added overhead lighting, and replaced the sliding patio door with French doors. It has come a long way, but still needs work.

Listing photo from when we bought the house.

I'm not crazy about the barn door that opens to our bathroom, but I think it will have to stay based on the limited options for that space. The console table will be going away, but I plan to keep the wrought iron mirror, which was actually in my childhood bedroom growing up.

The baby changing table, which no longer gets used, will be going away as well as the hamper. I am attempting a minimalist look, so the shelves and pictures will also be finding a new home. I will be making my new Samsung Frame TV a focal point on this wall and choosing a frame for it.


My plan is to add color and contrast to this boring, grey bedroom!

The goals are:

- White walls with frame molding

- Wallpaper accent wall behind bed

- New patio door (if in budget)

- Bedding accents

- New rug

- Minimalist décor


  1. Finalize pattern for molding

  2. Measure for materials

  3. Begin installation


Stay tuned for our progress! You can check back here for weekly updates or follow along on Instagram for progress videos.

And be sure to visit the One Room Challenge page to see the amazing work of the Featured Designers and Guest Participants!

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