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IKEA Hack: DIY Bow Organizer

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Being a boy mom for several years, I never understood the obsession with baby bows. How many bows could a baby possibly have? What was the point? Fast forward to having my own sweet baby girl, and suddenly I was swimming in bows! Bows in every color, style, and for every occasion. I was keeping them all in a drawer, and it was driving me crazy! I looked on Etsy for storage solutions, but nothing quite fit the bill.

During my search, I thought back to the hooks I used for the playroom renovation, and thought those may be the ticket. I searched the IKEA website to see what products were compatible with the hooks and I came across the SUNNERSTA spice rack. It was perfect!

This is a bit of an IKEA hack, because we drilled four screws through the front of the rack into the closet door of the nursery. It's as easy as that! Once installed onto the door, you add the hooks and bows. I love that I can open the closet door and see the clothes and bows in one place!

Finally, the whole project was under $20!


Rack: IKEA Hooks: IKEA

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