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One Room Challenge: Week Five | Bedroom Makeover

You may or may not have noticed that there was no Week Two, Week Three or Week Four updates! There's a myriad of reasons for that, but suffice it to say that life has just been CAH-razy. This past weekend, I got back on the horse and tried to play catch-up.


If you are someone who agonizes over decisions, I don't recommend having to choose from a wide variety of panel moulding! Luckily, our neighborhood Lowe's didn't have too much variety, so I didn't deliberate long. I chose a classic style, not too thick and not too thin.


I had an idea in my head of how I wanted the framing done, but I needed to mock it up beforehand to make sure it was right. Because all three of the walls are different in terms of length and door placements, it would be very difficult to make all the frames the same size. Instead, I choose to come up with a set of rules to give some consistency.

The rules I decided on:

1. All frames are 5 in. from the baseboards and crown moulding

2. All frames are 5 in. from the corners, doorframes, and from other frames

3. There is 3.5 in. separating the bottom frame from the top frame

4. The height of the bottom frame and top frame are consistent throughout the room. Only the width changes.

I have one wall that posed a bit of a challenge because of the barn door and light switches. I thought about shifting the frame to the left of the barn door track, but it would leave a good amount of dead space. In the end, I decided to keep the same rules for this wall and just frame around the obstacles.


As I figured out the framing, I also worked on some décor decisions. The wallpaper arrived, and it is STUNNING. I also chose the frame for the Samsung Frame TV.

Next up is bedding, a rug, and other room décor.


  1. Patch and caulk moulding

  2. Paint

  3. Wallpaper install (if time allows!)


Stay tuned for our progress! You can check back here for weekly updates or follow along on Instagram for progress videos.

And be sure to visit the One Room Challenge page to see the amazing work of the Featured Designers and Guest Participants!


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